Lord Shiva consumes bitterness – Lord Buddha spreads love!

Swamiji couldn’t find anyone in India who can replace Nivedita? Many asked this question. It’s not unknown fact that the efficiency and limitations of Indian women; at the same time Swamiji was aware the capability and unshaken personality of western women. Swamiji always spoke on commitments and he found it in western people. Disciples of Swamiji from west were ready to dedicate themselves for any sort of Swamiji’s work as they were aware of his strength. It doesn’t mean Swamiji had faith only in western people. He actually had searched for an Indian women, he was so much happy when he could find them.

Revolutionary woman:

Gurudev Ravindra’s niece Saraladevi Ghoshal was one among them,who impressed Swamiji the most. She was a part of freedom fight. She is the founder of India’s first women organization – “Bharat Stree MahaMandal” . She dedicated herself for women education through her organization. She was very much influenced by Swamiji. She had requested Swamiji to share his feedback on her ‘Bharati’ newspaper. She did receive reply from Swamiji from Darjeeling saying “I believe you all blessed people have to work for the people who are exploited and are with inadequacy of wealth in society. In his next letter Swamiji mentions – “The one, who knows Vedanta, has enough experience and be courageous can go to England, educate the western people on Hinduism and introduce them to Hinduism”. He was speechless to see RamaBhai and her excellence despite the limitations on her knowledge on western culture and the language. He was sure of Saraladevi, she can make the difference if she can go to England and work on his mission. An Indian woman with her Indian outfits addressing western country on ancient glory of Hinduism would bring pronounced waves. He questions – the land which gave birth to Maitrayee, Leelavathi, Savitri, Ubhaya Bharati do not have efficient woman to drive the mission?


Swamiji was interested in introducing SaralaDevi Ghoshal to western country. But he didn’t get the consent from her family. She got married. It seems to be like Swamiji had lot of expectation from SaralaDevi. He advised Nivedita to consider SaralaDevi as her role model, follow her constructive approach towards education. Unexpected changes came in SaralDevi’s life, it was controversial . She wrote a letter saying she can be part of the mission if Ramakrishna sectarian activities can be stopped. There was a lack in her loyalty. By the time Nivedita had her presence and got her significance in Swamiji’s drive.

Nivedita treasured the sweetness of Spirituality:

She had faith in Swamiji, decided to dedicate herself whole heartedly to his work. She had undergone many difficulties before making such a decision, but succeeded in becoming true Indian child.

It didn’t happen all of sudden. It took its own time. Swamiji was in regular touch with Margaret noble through letters after his return to India. Besides, Nivedita was also busy with her Spiritualistic movements in England, treasuring the experience of spirituality. It was the time when Swamiji had sent his pupils to serve drought affected places in India. Swamiji was mentioning about all these activities in his letters to Margaret and tried to bring her to virtual life.

Swamiji’s letter itself had a great content for the research. It helped to lift the people from their state of mindset towards clarity. He always instructed activities to Nivedita, but elaborate critics on western weak points to Miss Mary Hale and Mcleod josephin. If someone shares worries with pupil, he consoled them telling-off Alasingha!!!

Swamiji’s assurance to Nivedita:

Though there was an exchange of letters Swamiji didn’t invite Nivedita to come to India in any of his letters. He actually told her to continue her work in England on behalf; he also mentions may god strengthen you to sacrifice self-interests to work for poor Indians. Nivedita was in dilemma.


She had already dreamt of serving Indians. She was very much rigorous to listen mystical truth from Swamiji. She shared her feelings with all her friends. Swamiji was very happy to know her decision that she wants to come to India and serve Indians. He had the satisfaction that he didn’t play any role in her decision making task; the decision was taken on her own. He wrote a letter to Nivedita and mentions “Now I can explain the facts frankly, I believe you have a bright future in India. Indians, especially Indian women needs a woman lioness like you. I don’t find anyone in India who could take this Initiative efficiently. Need to borrow them from outside. Your education, purity, admirable love, stable determination and kelt blood – points were made you a right person for our mission. But still there are many challenges in your way to face. You cannot imagine the anxieties, superstitious believes, slavery work here. You may have to live your life in between half naked people, communal environment. When it comes to weather, it’s completely outstanding, here it’s hot, and the winter season here is almost similar to your summer at England. Southern part is always burning; you may not find even the basic facility at remote areas. In spite all these facts if you are ready to work for my nation you are welcome. Swamiji was aware, need of Nivedita to India though he explained terrifying facts. So he changed his way of writing, he mentions “Once you start with your work, you might fail or getting tired of the work. Whether you come to India or not, you accept Vedanta or not, I shall promise I will be with you throughout the life. If I’m able to earn a piece of roti I will make sure you will be given with that. What else a pupil can get from her Guru better assurance than this. Margaret noble didn’t make delay. She decided to come to India. Her way was not easy. She has to leave behind her house, relations, friends, home-land, and language, culture everything and travel towards completely unknown land. It’s such a land where she doesn’t know anyone except Swamiji. She started her journey with that faith.

Swamiji himself received Nivedita at Kolkata. She had heard many tales about Indian uncivilized behavior. Scared of Indians naturally. She was supposed to lead her life in between blacks who hate whites at most. Despite all these facts – she wrote in her diary 28th Jan 1898 most memorable day, I’m in India.


Her Battle for existance:

Indians to accept Nivedita was not an easy task. Indians had hatred towards white. They always had communal fight within related to caste, race and many. She was expected to work with love and affection with such people. The question is from where it has to begin? When it comes to love – Lord Krishna’s land India secure its first place. Ramakrishna’s disciple ‘Gopala’s mother introduced Nivedita and other foreign ladies as Narendra’s adopted daughters to her neighbors. Nivedita says ‘the touch was like a brume in the morning’. The true love, affection and generosity of Indians brought Nivedita closer to India. This kind of love was the sole reason behind her dedicated work even after Swamiji’s extinction. This is why Nivedita always used to mention ‘My India’ whenever she talks on nation, and call ‘Us’ while speaking about women here. She just became indivisible part of India!

Her true winning is lies with Matha SharadhaDevi’s acceptance. SriMatha accepted fruit from Nividita though she was leading her life with restricted rituals, which gave a significant message to the society. Nivedita used to spend time with SriMatha whenever she had time. Swamiji was very much satisfied and said I need not worry about others when SriMatha herself accepts Nivedita. Nivedita passed out in her entrance exam. Swamiji gave Deeksha to her on 25th March 1898, named her as ‘Nivedita’. Having his view as her life has to be dedicated to Bharath Matha. Swamiji made her to worship Shiva, offer flowers to Buddha. Both signifies its own meaning – Lord Shiva consumes bitterness –she has to consume all miseries like Shiva – Lord Buddha spreads love – she has to spread her love even with the one who bothers her. Nivedita literally lead her life like this. In addition – she was always a Kali to the people who wanted to swallow India.

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