Preparations for a Greater India or Akanda Bharath!

Preparations for a Greater India or Akanda Bharath!

Pakistan was humiliated globally. It lost its face in front of whole world. Rajnath criticised them for treating Burhan Wani as a martyr. He exposed the truth of Pakistan supporting terror standing in their country. It was same as Virat Kohli scoring a century in West Indies!

‘People who are for self defense are always concerned about their own houses and cities. Unlike them invaders have nothing other than their lives to lose.’ This was the statement by the invader Ghenghis Khan. Bankim Chandra Cheterjee states ‘Indian philosophy inhibits us from invasion. We are fight like warriors but it is only for self defense’.

Probably it could be a biggest mistake of ours in history. That is the reason why India has reached the current state while the borders of India was earlier defined as Attock to Cuttack. Yet, some parts are captured by China and Pakistan and we call it as POK and COK. Now, it is the right to get those lost land back to our control. We need to follow Shivaji maharaj who tried to bring back the original structure of India’s border. For the 1st time after 70 years of independence India as taken a firm step towards it.

Indian defense policy was firm in taking the decision to encounter a terrorist named Burhan Wani. It is clear as to how to deal with our neighbour Pakistan. Hence, government have rights to army right from the beginning to suppress the terror activities amidst the riots in Kashmir, irresistible movements of intellectuals. This firm decision was a warning to Pakistan as well as China! Meanwhile the Home Minister, Rajnath Singh’s visit to Pakistan due SAARC summit gained more importance globally and there were more activities in Pakistan. LeT leader Hafeez Saeed threatened to conduct protest across the country if Rajnath Singh visits Pakistan. Saeed Sallauddin; leader of Hizbul mujahideen warned Pakistan government to take back its ambassador from India. Press, electronic media gave importance and telecast these news and it was a headache to government. No, it was indeed necessary for Rajnath Singh to visit Pakistan.

It needs  guts to visit Pakistan during this time. Rajnath Singh did not look back. He knew that it would be wrong if he don’t  visit. He went to Pakistan with a special security. India did according to its dignity and Pakistan did it counter part!

Felicitation function for the "Emergency Detainees"


Pakistan government allowed terrorist organizations to protest in front of the hotel in which Rajnath Singh lived. Pakistan government do not know how to treat a foreign delegate visit its country.

On the other hand Indian government has passed the order to construct the road of 2000 kilometers across Tawang, East Kameng, Upper Subansiri, West Siang, Upper Siang in the regions of Arunachal Pradesh. DRDO’s new invention; Arjun Tank was exhibited in front of library of parliament. Things didn’t stop. More than 200 officers pertaining to private companies were allowed to visit Indian military base to study the equipments and tankers. This is the clear indication that India will be the manufacturer of weapons in near future. This is a clear strategy of attacking. Neighbouring countries will not be in peace if Tata, Mahindra, L&T starts manufacturing of weapons. It is true statement of Ghenghis Khan – ‘We lose everything if we live only for self defense. Neighbours hesitate to attack us if we are offensive.’


The offensive approach was not only on tables. At the same time when Rajnath visited Pakistan, India has its 5th strategic discussion with China’s enemy Vietnam. The defense ministry of Vietnam stated – ‘Monopoly over sea should be decided through talks and should be according to international law’. It was the clear indication to China over the issue of south China sea region. Vietnam grew stronger with the support of India.
It is really a bad time to China. China’s another enemy country, Japan also warned if the limits are crossed. With India leading the front Japan was supported by America, Australia, Vietnam and Philippines. Now, China has to seek the support of few left over Asian countries.

To get themselves freed China has only one way to make Pakistan attack India and maintain its supremacy in Asia. India’s step in SAARC summit gained more importance in this regards too. Rajnath firmly announced his rejection on bilateral talks and then made his visit. As soon as the discussion started under the presidency of Pakistan defense ministry media was blacked out. None of the media were allowed to telecast the talks of Rajnath Singh. Pakistan acted as per its dignity!

Sometimes it brings victory when enemies oppose. We call that as ‘Boon of Enemy’. It could have created some minor issues if the Rajnath Singh’s speech was telecast. They made him a hero by not telecasting. International media made this a special news. They spread the written copy of the speech. Pakistan was humiliated globally. It lost its face in front of whole world. Rajnath criticised them for treating Burhan Wani as a martyr. He exposed the truth of Pakistan supporting terror standing in their country. It was same as Virat Kohli scoring a century in West Indies!

At the same time American Adam Stump; Pentagon spokesman announced the cancellation of subsidy of 300 million dollars stating that Pakistan’s actions against terror was not satisfactory. Pakistan is now lost itself, they need funds to lead their life. Hence they are begging China!

Saeed Hafeez is humiliating 8 lakh Indian soldiers who are camped in Kashmir region. He is creating rampant stating that India is using chemical weapons. His efforts is of no use and it is nullified. Amidst of all these movements India has firmly declared to occupy POK and separate Baluchistan from Pakistan. India is towards these with all its effort.

Ghenghis Khan states ‘ We lose the nation if we wait till enemy attacks. Enemy shall join hands with us as friend if we are ready to attack and invade.’ India is firm towards it;s goal.
Yes, an another August 14 arrives. Shall we be determined for a Greater Bharath or Akhand Bharath?

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