Programmes during september

Sep 2nd to 6th mumbai
        8th youth meet  Bunts sangha, mangalore
       9-10 chavati, personal program
        11 Vivekananda 150 program at bangalore
       12 and 13th Ranebennur, Haveri Rathayatre
       14th Rathayatra Hubballi, jagobharath
       16-17th Mangalore Ramakrishnashrama youth meet
        20 Vivekananda 150 Samvardhini prog at Bangalore
        21st vivekananda 150 seminar at Shimoga
       22nd Ramakrishnashrama,  bangaluru youth meet
      23-24 meeting at Badami
       25-26-27 upanyasa on sv vivekananda, savarkar and subhash at Gulbarga
      28-29 personal program
       29th Ramakrishnashrama,  bangaluru,  youth meet

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